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File submission requirements for screen print

  • Files must be prepared in the PDF format (version 1.4, compatible with Acrobat 5) using Press Quality settings.
  • The submitted PDF file must be in the original size with the Trim marks or Crop Marks. Other marks (Registration Marks, Color Bars) should not be included in the file.
  • Pages must be centred in the PDF file. One PDF page shall contain no more than one print page, e.g. one side of a business card. 
  • Multi-page documents shall be included in a single PDF document with consecutive pages. If any page differs in size (offcuts, inserts, covers with spines), it shall be submitted in a separate file.
  • If design elements (lines, colourful fonts, images) reach the edge of the page, the file must be prepared with 3 mm bleeds. 
  • All used fonts must be embedded in the PDF file. 
  • Only 100% Spot colours or 100% Process primary colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow or Black) may be used in preparation of the print work. No half-tones may be used. 
  • Colours consisting of more than one Process primary colour may not be used. 
  • Line width shall be at least 0.12mm – 0.15mm. 
  • Open-type documents are accepted in Adobe Illustrator CS5 format. In such case texts must be converted to curves, or alternatively all used fonts must be attached.