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File submission requirements for offset print

  • Files must be prepared in the PDF format (version 1.4, compatible with Acrobat 5) using Press Quality settings.

  • The submitted PDF file must be in the original size with the Trim marks or Crop Marks. Other marks (Registration Marks, Color Bars) should not be included in the file.
  • Pages must be centred in the PDF file.
  • One PDF page shall contain no more than one print page, e.g. one side of a business card.
  • Multi-page documents shall be included in a single PDF document with consecutive pages. If any page differs in size (offcuts, inserts, covers with spines), it shall be submitted in a separate file.
  • If design elements (lines, colourful fonts, images) reach the edge of the page, the file must be prepared with 3–5 mm bleeds.
  • When converting images and objects to the CMYK colour scheme, the ICC profile must be used for the respective type of paper: 

  • coated matte paper – ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI), the total ink coverage may not exceed 300%;
  • coated gloss paper – ISO Coated v2 (ECI) or FOGRA 39, the total ink coverage may not exceed 320%;
  • uncoated paper – UNCOATED FOGRA 29 (ISO 12647-2:2004);
  • toned paper – please use the colour profiles recommended by the manufacturers. 

  • The ICC profile should not be included in the PDF file!

  • The PDF files must not contain objects in RGB colours and overlapping SPOT colours.
  • Overprint settings defined by the customer for all colours are retained, and compulsory Overprint Black setting is made for 100% Black objects. If that is not required, it should be specified prior to printing.
  • Raster graphics resolution shall be at least 300dpi, Bitmap graphics – 1200dpi.
  • Line width shall be at least 0.07 mm or 0.2 pt.
  • All used fonts must be embedded in the PDF file.
  • Colour separation as a standard is done by using colour angles: Cyan 165, Magenta 45, Yellow 90, Black 105. Spot colour 105. If any angle is required to be changed for some particular print work, it shall be specified prior to printing.
  • Trim specifications shall be defined in the file as SPOT colour lines (it is advisable to use the relevant names – trim, crease, perforation) with an enabled Overprint setting.
  • The UV varnish coating specifications shall be submitted in a separate file in 100% Black colour.